TLC was founded in 1993 by a group of Burlington residents who became aware of the extent of homelessness in our community due to their involvement with Love, Inc.  Heading this effort was Judy Morrow who also founded Love, Inc.

TLC is a separate legal entity from Love, Inc. though they have a strong partnership sharing space, utilities, and some direct service programming. Both organizations are independently registered 501c3 nonprofit corporations and are responsible for their own funding.

TLC started in a house in Bohner’s Lake bought on a land contract.  The Bohner’s Lake home was eventually sold due to sewer upgrade costs, but the mission continued with a house donated by the City of Burlington. The house was named the Morrow House in honor of Judy Morrow. Eventually a shelter capable of serving up to 15 clients each night was established above the Love, Inc. facility.  Both the Morrow House and the shelter were built with community volunteers and community donations.

The mission of TLC is to give families a chance to gain or regain their independence.  Homelessness happens for a variety of reasons – sudden job loss, inability to cope due to mental illness, domestic abuse, and abandonment.  Shelters and food pantries provide basic necessities, but real change comes from transforming lives through help, hope, and education.

TLC provides quality and compassionate services to people (primarily women and children and intact families) who have become homeless in Western Racine County.  Respect and dignity to those served is an underlying tenet, as is connecting them to the community. TLC provides basic food and shelter while transitioning people to permanent housing, education, jobs and dependable child-care.

TLC’s Board of Directors provides oversight and direction to the programs and staff at TLC and seeks to educate the community on the emerging needs of the clients we serve.