Information and Referral

TLC acts as the first responder in Western Racine County for homeless individuals. Staff networks with other local agencies requesting programming that will best suit the individuals’ needs and current location.

Emergency Shelter

TLC can provide emergency shelter to women and children up to 14 nights. When the family has a male over the age of 12 or a single adult male needs housing TLC can provide a hotel voucher or make a referral to another shelter. TLC can provide the transportation necessary to get individuals to the appropriate shelter.

Transitional Living Services

Those meeting the program requirements can be provided shelter/services up to 90 days. Programming required of all participants includes job search, life skills development, AODA counseling, mental health treatment, medication management, financial mentoring, parenting education, and case management.

Financial Mentoring

Staff works with clients to develop an appropriate budget and good money management skills. Clients turn in income, are given a weekly allowance, prioritize and pay bills and explore ways to save money.  This is a requirement  for current clients, however, is offered to individuals that come to TLC during a crisis. TLC can work with landlords to stop an eviction or to set up a payment plan with current creditors.

Continuum of Care

TLC works collaboratively with other agencies to ensure past clients are receiving continuity in care and services. Clients stay in their current programming even after moving out of the shelter. This allows for staff to make appropriate referrals, maintain progress, and foresee any crisis situation.